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Come and take part in a beautiful journey to discover the diversity of the world of coffee, by any mean.

Coffee is universal and most of us have some sort of connection with it. The word "coffee" means a very different thing to each one of us, we perceive coffee differently and, in my point of view, this is the beauty of coffee.

Through sharing my own personal journey in The World of Coffee and knowledge that I've gained through my own field experience, discovering, wonderings and exploring I'm hoping to deliver a genuine opinion based on experience that would trigger you to be more curious, to be bolder and to go out there to try it yourself. I believe that it all starts with the understanding that the coffee we drink every day has more to it than what we are used to be thinking and that by knowing more and being exposed to more information we could get more from it and give even more.

Coffee cherries. Specialty coffee. Coffee harvest.
Manually picked ripe coffee cherries.

Let's start with the fact that our opinion or how we perceive coffee in our lives is completely an individual thing that changes and varies from one another. I easily let myself call it a "fact" as we all know we can't argue on taste and coffee definitely fits under the "food and beverages" category...

This fact leads me to the second thing I'd like to share and it is that it guides me in the sense that coffee is so simple yet complex. Why? Well, I use to put it this way "in coffee there is never just one truth". This is the beauty of this world and maybe the secret of why and how this product is so interesting and will never stop to surprise and amaze us.

The very basic fact that coffee as an agricultural crop plays a vital role in entering and understanding this world a little bit more. Coffee is different everywhere in the world and it relies on many different variables to grow and end up to be a decent consumption product. Many times I find that the comparison to wine helps people understand a little more what depth you could find in coffee and why it could become a complete, whole and complex expertise area on its own.

Specialty coffee barista. Barista at Röststätte Berlin
"I always love coffee"- Tal Mahlev. Pic: Laura droße

Since I always loved coffee deeply, I was always curious about it and wanted to know more. I guess the idea of writing a blog came from the personal need of consuming a good coffee. I love to travel. a decent part of traveling for me is to visit specialty coffee shop. This exploring experience not only contributes to my overall understanding of coffee but also exposes me to different coffee cultures, perspectives and coffee consuming habits. This discovering and exploring experience, I believe, is one of the things that help me grow in the World of Coffee and develop a wider perception of what coffee is and eventually what helps me write and share the information here with you.

On this blog, I'm going to be focused on a specific area in the World of Coffee and it's the Specialty Coffee niche. Specialty Coffee ("third wave coffee movement") is refered to those who consider coffee as an artisanal food. It is focused on the highest level of coffee beans and tries to deliver the highest coffee experience to the clients. It also emphasizes customer education and usually deals with direct or trusted trade to ensure sustainability and achieve that high-quality coffee reaches new levels.

Universal Coffee Blog Instagram account is where I share my coffee explorations around the world and is also available for you! I believe that supporting each other, sharing and exchanging knowledge is vital for the coffee community to grow and that's why I'm happy to do that.

At the moment of writing these lines, I am located in Berlin, a city with a vibrant scene of specialty coffee and people who love coffee and want to progress it. It is a great start for me to explore and grow in specialty coffee. I now have the privilege to open this blog and pass on information, knowledge, and experiences with the hope to encourage you and others to enter and learn more about this magnificent world!
Cappuccino and pain au chocolat.
Cappuccino and pain au chocolat

Thank you for visiting and taking your time reading these lines.
I hope to see you coming back soon!

Till next time, lots of love and good coffee :)

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