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Israeli Roasting House - Unico Cafe

Why do you need to know about Unico?

Well, It´s been a while since I wanted to share my experience in Unico Cafe - Israel Roasting House but I´m glad because I had more time to experience more of it and now I can share a more complete picture.

Unico Coffee Roasting House
Unico Coffee Roasting House

Israelis are known for their love for coffee. They love it and they drink it everywhere, always. The specialty coffee scene in Israel though is small but growing slowly and surely, and most of it concentrates in the center of Israel. As one who lives in the northern region of Israel, I don´t have any specialty coffee nearby but Unico Roasting House in Kibutz Yagur.

Unico is a medium-big roasting house that´s not the main consumer of its own roasting but also delivers and spread coffee and specialty coffee to cafes across Israel.

Who manages Unico Cafe is Asaf who is 18 years in the professional coffee scene. 9 years of them in Unico and he´s also a certified Barista trainer by the SCA. More than roasting coffee Unico´s agenda is to educate, sharing knowledge and set a new standard in the Israeli coffee scene.

Using various coffees from around the world Unico is all about to give the client special attention and new and enjoyable experience in the World of Coffee.

Here you´ll be received with a big smile and a tasty coffee on your way to buy your new coffee home. You´ll not leave before your satisfied and happy with the selection. I think this is what makes Unico unique that really understands the lack of experience within the clients.

My encounter with Asaf was surprising. I came on a Friday without notice and I was received in such a welcoming way. After a very short chat and introducing by the both of us, Asaf took me to the roastery and introduced me to the many green coffees Unico Cafe is dealing with, roasting samples, and roasted coffee buckets.

I got the full tour and I was happy to try several coffees that were available at the time.

Tal Mahlev, Asaf Rips, Specialty coffee Israel, Unico Roasting House
A warm welcoming. Asaf Rips owner of Unico Cafe

Unico is definitely unique in the scene of Specialty Coffee in Israel. The experience and hospitality are a good reason to recommend you to check it out, get familiar and get closer to the world of Specialty Coffee.

Have fun and as always lots of love and great coffee :)

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