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How to Become a Coffee Expert?

Stop searching around! The way to become a coffee expert is actually in your kitchen!

Although, it is hard to find the right knowledge online, you might get it a little easier after reading this post. Coffee is a whole world, it even has its own language. The hardest thing I find when looking at videos online is to actually translate all these words into actions. There are different coffee lover levels and those videos not always to all levels. If it wasn't because I work in specialty coffee I admit I wouldn't understand it as I do now.

Anyways, I believe the answer is closer than you might think it is. Coffee is about experiencing more and more, one time after another. You can become a coffee expert right from your own kitchen. Yes. It doesn't matter where you come from, whether you're a beginner or an expert already, many good things start from small places by self-learning experience.

Filter coffee V60. Home brewing
Home filter coffee brewing set

Start from within. I would suggest to first see what coffee equipment you have at home. Maybe there are some things you never noticed. Ask relatives and friends how do they make their coffee and what do they know about the method you're interested in.

A small research wouldn't hurt.

I am going to use the pour-over method as an example. If you are already doing a pour-over coffee that's great. In specialty coffee, we aspire to the highest quality of coffee. For that, we have to run tests before we are committing to buy green coffee from the supplier, but you are already buying the coffee we produced, so all you have left is to try to get to a great cup of coffee on your own.

Pour-over is a great way to fake it until you make it when the goal is to unlock the qualities your coffee holds.

The secret is to be involved. As more involved in the process you are, as more you're likely to understand what you're doing and to get better.

1. Buy your equipment - you'll need a dripper & paper filters to stats with. The action of buying anything opens the opportunity to learn about the products you're buying.

2. Choose and buy your coffee - ask the expert at the shop to recommending you what coffees they sell. After getting a bit of good advice, it's time to decide which coffee to buy. It can simply be done by knowing which flavors and tastes you're more likely to like.

3. Buy a scale - a scales helps you to control your portions and brewing time which are necessary to get a good result.

4. Grind the coffee yourself - if you don't have a hand-grinder it is time to purchase one. After you have your hand grinder it is time to play with it and your coffee to see which grind size matches your brew method best and that reveals your coffee qualities on the way to achieve the results you wanted.

*Every question you'll ask, any new information you've collected during this process described above is crucial for your progress. From now on, it is all a matter of try and fail.

Chemex filter coffee

So, how would you know if you've succeeded? Good question.

Eventually, you will have to taste your coffee. You will also drink all of it probably.

By trying every day again, buy tasting one more time - slowly your palate will start to react and talk with your brain to translate all of the flavors information and tastes you've tried.

This is how you become an expert.

By trying. By tasting. By testing. By learning & Expanding your knowledge.

I hope this post was helpful and valuable to you.

Till next time, lots of love and great coffee and good luck with your brews!

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